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Urho3D::Deserializer Class Referenceabstract

#include <Urho3D/IO/Deserializer.h>

Inheritance diagram for Urho3D::Deserializer:
Urho3D::AbstractFile Urho3D::HttpRequest Urho3D::File Urho3D::MemoryBuffer Urho3D::NamedPipe Urho3D::VectorBuffer Urho3D::Base64InputArchive Urho3D::Base64OutputArchive

Public Member Functions

 Deserializer ()
 Construct with zero size.
 Deserializer (unsigned size)
 Construct with defined size.
virtual ~Deserializer ()
virtual unsigned Read (void *dest, unsigned size)=0
 Read bytes from the stream. Return number of bytes actually read.
virtual unsigned Seek (unsigned position)=0
 Set position from the beginning of the stream. Return actual new position.
virtual const ea::string & GetName () const
virtual unsigned GetChecksum ()
virtual bool IsEof () const
unsigned SeekRelative (int delta)
 Set position relative to current position. Return actual new position.
unsigned GetPosition () const
unsigned Tell () const
 Return current position.
unsigned GetSize () const
long long ReadInt64 ()
 Read a 64-bit integer.
int ReadInt ()
 Read a 32-bit integer.
short ReadShort ()
 Read a 16-bit integer.
signed char ReadByte ()
 Read an 8-bit integer.
unsigned long long ReadUInt64 ()
 Read a 64-bit unsigned integer.
unsigned ReadUInt ()
 Read a 32-bit unsigned integer.
unsigned short ReadUShort ()
 Read a 16-bit unsigned integer.
unsigned char ReadUByte ()
 Read an 8-bit unsigned integer.
bool ReadBool ()
 Read a bool.
float ReadFloat ()
 Read a float.
double ReadDouble ()
 Read a double.
IntRect ReadIntRect ()
 Read an IntRect.
IntVector2 ReadIntVector2 ()
 Read an IntVector2.
IntVector3 ReadIntVector3 ()
 Read an IntVector3.
Rect ReadRect ()
 Read a Rect.
Vector2 ReadVector2 ()
 Read a Vector2.
Vector3 ReadVector3 ()
 Read a Vector3.
Vector3 ReadPackedVector3 (float maxAbsCoord)
 Read a Vector3 packed into 3 x 16 bits with the specified maximum absolute range.
Vector4 ReadVector4 ()
 Read a Vector4.
Quaternion ReadQuaternion ()
 Read a quaternion.
Quaternion ReadPackedQuaternion ()
 Read a quaternion with each component packed in 16 bits.
Matrix3 ReadMatrix3 ()
 Read a Matrix3.
Matrix3x4 ReadMatrix3x4 ()
 Read a Matrix3x4.
Matrix4 ReadMatrix4 ()
 Read a Matrix4.
Color ReadColor ()
 Read a color.
BoundingBox ReadBoundingBox ()
 Read a bounding box.
ea::string ReadString ()
 Read a null-terminated string.
ea::string ReadFileID ()
 Read a four-letter file ID.
StringHash ReadStringHash ()
 Read a 32-bit StringHash.
ByteVector ReadBuffer ()
 Read a buffer with size encoded as VLE.
void ReadBuffer (ByteVector &byteVector)
 Read a buffer with size encoded as VLE (inplace).
ResourceRef ReadResourceRef ()
 Read a resource reference.
ResourceRefList ReadResourceRefList ()
 Read a resource reference list.
Variant ReadVariant ()
 Read a variant.
Variant ReadVariant (VariantType type, Context *context=nullptr)
 Read a variant whose type is already known. Context is required for SharedPtr<Serializable>.
VariantVector ReadVariantVector ()
 Read a variant vector.
StringVector ReadStringVector ()
 Read a string vector.
VariantMap ReadVariantMap ()
 Read a variant map.
StringVariantMap ReadStringVariantMap ()
 Read a string variant map.
unsigned ReadVLE ()
 Read a variable-length encoded unsigned integer.
ea::string ReadLine ()
 Read a text line.

Protected Attributes

unsigned position_
 Stream position.
unsigned size_
 Stream size.

Detailed Description

Abstract stream for reading. @nocount

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetChecksum()

unsigned Urho3D::Deserializer::GetChecksum ( )

Return a checksum if applicable.

Reimplemented in Urho3D::File.

◆ GetName()

const ea::string & Urho3D::Deserializer::GetName ( ) const

Return name of the stream.

Reimplemented in Urho3D::AbstractFile, and Urho3D::VectorBuffer.

◆ GetPosition()

unsigned Urho3D::Deserializer::GetPosition ( ) const

Return current position.

◆ GetSize()

unsigned Urho3D::Deserializer::GetSize ( ) const

Return size.

◆ IsEof()

virtual bool Urho3D::Deserializer::IsEof ( ) const

Return whether the end of stream has been reached.

Reimplemented in Urho3D::HttpRequest, and Urho3D::NamedPipe.

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