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Urho3D::IntRect Class Reference

Two-dimensional bounding rectangle with integer values. More...

#include <Urho3D/Math/Rect.h>

Public Member Functions

 IntRect () noexcept
 Construct a zero rect.
 IntRect (const IntVector2 &min, const IntVector2 &max) noexcept
 Construct from minimum and maximum vectors.
 IntRect (int left, int top, int right, int bottom) noexcept
 Construct from coordinates.
 IntRect (const int data[]) noexcept
 Construct from an int array.
bool operator== (const IntRect &rhs) const
 Test for equality with another rect.
bool operator!= (const IntRect &rhs) const
 Test for inequality with another rect.
IntRectoperator+= (const IntRect &rhs)
 Add another rect to this one inplace.
IntRectoperator-= (const IntRect &rhs)
 Subtract another rect from this one inplace.
IntRectoperator/= (float value)
 Divide by scalar inplace.
IntRectoperator*= (float value)
 Multiply by scalar inplace.
IntRect operator/ (float value) const
 Divide by scalar.
IntRect operator* (float value) const
 Multiply by scalar.
IntRect operator+ (const IntRect &rhs) const
 Add another rect.
IntRect operator- (const IntRect &rhs) const
 Subtract another rect.
IntVector2 Size () const
int Width () const
int Height () const
Intersection IsInside (const IntVector2 &point) const
 Test whether a point is inside.
Intersection IsInside (const IntRect &rect) const
 Test if another rect is inside, outside or intersects.
void Clip (const IntRect &rect)
void Merge (const IntRect &rect)
const int * Data () const
 Return integer data.
ea::string ToString () const
 Return as string.
unsigned ToHash () const
 Return hash value for HashSet & HashMap.
IntVector2 Min () const
 Return left-top corner position.
IntVector2 Max () const
 Return right-bottom corner position.
int Left () const
 Return left coordinate.
int Top () const
 Return top coordinate.
int Right () const
 Return right coordinate.
int Bottom () const
 Return bottom coordinate.
bool Contains (IntVector2 point) const
 Return true if specified point is within rectangle bounds.

Public Attributes

int left_
 Left coordinate.
int top_
 Top coordinate.
int right_
 Right coordinate.
int bottom_
 Bottom coordinate.

Static Public Attributes

static const IntRect ZERO
 Zero-sized rect.

Detailed Description

Two-dimensional bounding rectangle with integer values.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clip()

void Urho3D::IntRect::Clip ( const IntRect rect)

Clip with another rect. Since IntRect does not have an undefined state like Rect, return (0, 0, 0, 0) if the result is empty.

◆ Height()

int Urho3D::IntRect::Height ( ) const

Return height.

◆ Merge()

void Urho3D::IntRect::Merge ( const IntRect rect)

Merge a rect. If this rect was empty, become the other rect. If the other rect is empty, do nothing.

◆ Size()

IntVector2 Urho3D::IntRect::Size ( ) const

Return size.

◆ Width()

int Urho3D::IntRect::Width ( ) const

Return width.

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