Rebel Fork Framework
Urho3D::FrameInfo Struct Reference

Rendering frame update parameters. More...

#include <Urho3D/Graphics/Drawable.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned frameNumber_ {}
 Frame number.
float timeStep_ {}
 Time elapsed since last frame.
IntVector2 viewSize_
 Viewport size.
IntRect viewRect_
 Viewport rectangle.
Viewportviewport_ {}
 Destination viewport.
RenderSurfacerenderTarget_ {}
 Destination render surface.
Scenescene_ {}
Node * viewReferenceNode_ {}
 Node to be used as a point-of-view reference, typically the camera's node.
Cameracamera_ {}
ea::array< Camera *, 2 > additionalCameras_ {}
 Optional list of additional cameras that may be attached, such as eyes, etc.
Octreeoctree_ {}
ReflectionProbeManagerreflectionProbeManager_ {}

Detailed Description

Rendering frame update parameters.

Member Data Documentation

◆ scene_

Scene* Urho3D::FrameInfo::scene_ {}

Scene and pre-fetched Scene components.

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