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Urho3D::RaytracerScene Class Reference

Scene for ray tracing. More...

#include <Urho3D/Glow/RaytracerScene.h>

Inheritance diagram for Urho3D::RaytracerScene:

Public Member Functions

 RaytracerScene (Context *context, embree3::RTCDevice embreeDevice, embree3::RTCScene raytracerScene, ea::vector< RaytracerGeometry > geometries, const BakedSceneBackgroundArrayPtr &backgrounds, float maxDistance)
 ~RaytracerScene () override
ContextGetContext () const
 Return context.
embree3::RTCDevice GetEmbreeDevice () const
 Return Embree device.
embree3::RTCScene GetEmbreeScene () const
 Return Embree scene.
const ea::vector< RaytracerGeometry > & GetGeometries () const
 Return geometries.
const BakedSceneBackgroundArrayPtrGetBackgrounds () const
 Return background.
float GetMaxDistance () const
 Return max distance between two points.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Urho3D::RefCounted
 RefCounted ()
 Construct. Allocate the reference count structure and set an initial self weak reference.
virtual ~RefCounted ()
 Destruct. Mark as expired and also delete the reference count structure if no outside weak references exist.
 RefCounted (const RefCounted &rhs)=delete
 Prevent copy construction.
RefCountedoperator= (const RefCounted &rhs)=delete
 Prevent assignment.
int AddRef ()
int ReleaseRef ()
int Refs () const
int WeakRefs () const
RefCountRefCountPtr () const
 Return pointer to the reference count structure.
bool HasScriptObject () const
 Return true if script runtime object wrapping this native object exists.
bool IsScriptStrongRef () const
 Return true if script reference is strong.

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned LightmapUVAttribute = 0
 Vertex attribute for lightmap UV.
static const unsigned NormalAttribute = 1
 Vertex attribute for smooth normal.
static const unsigned UVAttribute = 2
 Vertex attribute for primary UV.
static const unsigned MaxAttributes = 3
 Max number of vertex attributes.
static const unsigned PrimaryLODGeometry = 0x00000001
 Mask for lightmapped geometry, LOD 0.
static const unsigned SecondaryLODGeometry = 0x00000002
 Mask for lightmapped geometry, LODs 1..N.
static const unsigned DirectShadowOnlyGeometry = 0x00000004
 Mask for non-lightmapped geometry, LOD 0.
static const unsigned AllGeometry = 0xffffffff
 Mask for all geometry.

Private Attributes

Contextcontext_ {}
embree3::RTCDevice device_ {}
 Embree device.
embree3::RTCScene scene_ {}
 Embree scene.
ea::vector< RaytracerGeometrygeometries_
BakedSceneBackgroundArrayPtr backgrounds_
float maxDistance_ {}
 Max distance between two points.

Detailed Description

Scene for ray tracing.

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