Rebel Fork Framework
Urho3D::JoystickState Struct Reference

#include <Urho3D/Input/Input.h>

Public Member Functions

void Initialize (unsigned numButtons, unsigned numAxes, unsigned numHats)
 Initialize the number of buttons, axes and hats and set them to neutral state.
void Reset ()
 Reset button, axis and hat states to neutral.
bool IsController () const
unsigned GetNumButtons () const
unsigned GetNumAxes () const
unsigned GetNumHats () const
bool GetButtonDown (unsigned index) const
bool GetButtonPress (unsigned index) const
float GetAxisPosition (unsigned index) const
bool HasAxisPosition (unsigned index) const
int GetHatPosition (unsigned index) const

Public Attributes

SDL_Joystick * joystick_ {}
 SDL joystick.
JoystickDeviceType type_ {JOYSTICK_TYPE_UNKNOWN}
 Joystick device type.
SDL_JoystickID joystickID_ {}
 SDL joystick instance ID.
SDL_GameController * controller_ {}
 SDL game controller.
UIElementscreenJoystick_ {}
 UI element containing the screen joystick.
ea::string name_
 Joystick name.
ea::vector< bool > buttons_
 Button up/down state.
ea::vector< bool > buttonPress_
 Button pressed on this frame.
ea::vector< float > axes_
 Axis position from -1 to 1.
ea::vector< bool > validAxis_
 Valid axis position.
ea::vector< int > hats_
 POV hat bits.

Detailed Description

Input state for a joystick. @nocount

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAxisPosition()

float Urho3D::JoystickState::GetAxisPosition ( unsigned  index) const

Return axis position.

◆ GetButtonDown()

bool Urho3D::JoystickState::GetButtonDown ( unsigned  index) const

Check if a button is held down.

◆ GetButtonPress()

bool Urho3D::JoystickState::GetButtonPress ( unsigned  index) const

Check if a button has been pressed on this frame.

◆ GetHatPosition()

int Urho3D::JoystickState::GetHatPosition ( unsigned  index) const

Return hat position.

◆ GetNumAxes()

unsigned Urho3D::JoystickState::GetNumAxes ( ) const

Return number of axes.

◆ GetNumButtons()

unsigned Urho3D::JoystickState::GetNumButtons ( ) const

Return number of buttons.

◆ GetNumHats()

unsigned Urho3D::JoystickState::GetNumHats ( ) const

Return number of hats.

◆ HasAxisPosition()

bool Urho3D::JoystickState::HasAxisPosition ( unsigned  index) const

Returns true if has valid axis position.

◆ IsController()

bool Urho3D::JoystickState::IsController ( ) const

Return whether is a game controller. Game controllers will use standardized axis and button mappings.

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