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Urho3D::ShaderVariation Class Reference

Vertex or pixel shader on the GPU. More...

#include <Urho3D/Graphics/ShaderVariation.h>

Inheritance diagram for Urho3D::ShaderVariation:

Public Member Functions

 ShaderVariation (Shader *owner, ShaderType type, const ea::string &defines)
ea::string GetShaderName () const
 Return shader name (as used in resources).
ea::string GetShaderVariationName () const
 Return full shader variation name with defines.
const ea::string & GetDefines () const
 Return defines used to create the shader.

Private Member Functions

ea::string GetCachedVariationName (ea::string_view extension) const
bool NeedShaderTranslation () const
bool NeedShaderOptimization () const
ea::string PrepareGLSLShaderCode (const ea::string &originalShaderCode) const
bool ProcessShaderSource (ea::string_view &translatedSource, const SpirVShader *&translatedSpirv, ConstByteSpan &translatedBytecode, ea::string_view originalShaderCode)
void OnReloaded ()
bool Create ()
bool CompileFromSource ()
bool LoadByteCode (const FileIdentifier &binaryShaderName)
void SaveByteCode (const FileIdentifier &binaryShaderName)

Private Attributes

WeakPtr< Graphicsgraphics_
 Cached pointer to Graphics subsystem.
WeakPtr< Shaderowner_
 Source shader.
ea::string defines_
 Defines to use when compiling the shader.

Detailed Description

Vertex or pixel shader on the GPU.

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