Rebel Fork Framework
Standard Network Objects


Inherits NetworkObject.

StaticNetworkObject performs one-time replication of the following:

  • Parent NetworkObject in the hierarchy.
  • Name of the Node.
  • Position, rotation and scale in world space.
  • If specified, name of XML prefab to be instantiated on the client side.

    On client, this prefab will be instantiated on the initialization of the NetworkObject.

StaticNetworkObject also maintains its position in the hierarchy of NetworkObjects.


Inherits StaticNetworkObject.

BehaviorNetworkObject allows user to supply networking behaviors as independent components.

When BehaviorNetworkObject is created on the client or on the server, NetworkBehaviors are attached to the closest parent NetworkObject.

The client and the server are responsible for the BehaviorNetworkObject having the same set of behaviors. The list of connected behaviors should not change during the lifetime of the BehaviorNetworkObject.

During its lifetime, BehaviorNetworkObject redirects NetworkObject calls directly into connected NetworkBehaviors.

User class derived from NetworkBehavior should specify which callbacks should be called for this behavior, for performance reasons.

See Standard Network Behaviors for built-in NetworkBehaviors.