Rebel Fork Framework
Standard Network Behaviors


Replicates position and rotation of the Node it is attached to.

One NetworkObject may have multiple ReplicatedTransform behaviors attached to different children.

Synchronization and extrapolation are optional for both position and rotation.

It's possible to configure smoothing constants and thresholds.

In "Track Only" mode ReplicatedTransform doesn't affect actual Node transform on the client. It may be useful for client-side prediction.


Replicates currently playing animations of sibling AnimationController.

Animation times are precisely synchronized.

Note: When animation is played for the first time, its replication may be delayed.


Server only.

Provides relevance management based on the distance from this Node to the NetworkObjects owned by the client.

If the distance between this Node and the closest client-owned Node is greater than specified threshold, relevance is set to configured value for this NetworkObject.

Otherwise, no relevance is provided and default value is used.

It allows to stack multiple FilteredByDistance behaviors on the same NetworkObject, as long as they go from bigger to lower threshold distance.


Server only.

Tracks bone positions and rotations of an AnimatedModel. Provides temporal queries to perform raycasts at different points in time.


Client-side predicted KinematicCharacterController.

Note that manipulation of KinematicCharacterController on the client side should be performed via PredictedKinematicController only. Supports only moving and jumping for now.