Rebel Fork Framework
Zone Component

Zone is special kind of Drawable that defines global rendering properties for OBB (oriented bounding box) region of the Scene.

Some properties affect individual objects within the zone, other properties affect Camera itself when it enters the zone.

Try to use as few Zones as possible, preferably just one global Zone. Keep in mind that there's no property blending between different Zones. Consider using more fine-tuned tools like Light Probe Group Component or Reflection Probe Component whenever possible.

Basic Properties

Property Description
Bounding Box Bounding box of affected area.
Priority Zone with highest priority is chosen when multiple zones intersect in some point.

Mask Properties

Masks are used to split objects into different layers which don't affect each other.

Zone Mask controls whether the geometry or LightProbeGroup is affected by the Zone. Condition:

zone.zone_mask & geometry.zone_mask != 0

Light Mask controls whether the geometry or LightProbeGroup affected by the zone is lit by light source. Condition:

zone.light_mask & geometry.light_mask & light.light_mask != 0

Shadow Mask controls whether the geometry affected by the zone cast shadows for given light source. Condition:

zone.shadow_mask & geometry.shadow_mask & light.shadow_mask != 0

Ambient Properties

Zone ambient is the most simple form of lighting that fills Scene with constant color.

Ambient is always dynamic and is applied immediately on change.

Property Description
Ambient Color Color of ambient light.
Ambient Brightness Arbitrary multiplier applied to Ambient Color.

Background Properties

Background lighting the lighting emitted by background fog or background texture.

If dynamic, it is applies in the same way as ambient. If baked, it is emitted by the background.

Disabled by default.

Property Description
Zone Texture Cube texture used for background lighting and reflections.
Background Brightness Arbitrary multiplier applied to the color of fog or Zone Texture.
Is Background Static Whether to bake background lighting into light maps and light probes. If enabled, no background lighting is applied in runtime!

Camera Properties

Camera properties don't affect scene geometries individually, they affect the rendering Camera itself.

Property Description
Fog Color Color of background fog. Fills background if there's no Skybox. Defines background lighting if there's no Zone Texture assigned.
Fog Start Distance where fog begins.
Fog End Distance where everything fades into fog.