Rebel Fork Framework
Light Probe Group Component

LightProbeGroup defines a group of light probes which are used to calculate volumetric global illumination.

It is usually filled only during light baking, but it's theoretically possible to change light probe group in runtime as long GlobalIllumination cache is properly updated.

Unless GlobalIllumination is updated, total number of LightProbeGroup instances in the Scene is irrelevant. Only the number of light probes and their arrangement matters.

Component properties only allow probe placement in uniform grid. It is possible to place light probes in arbitrary positions by SetLightProbes() call. TODO: Implement Editor UI for light probe editing.

All enabled light probes in the Scene should satisfy certain requirements in order to have correct GI:

  • Keep light probes slightly above geometry surfaces.
  • Don't submerge light probes into geometry.
  • Keep light probes sufficiently dense where lighting changes rapidly and these changes matter.
  • Circumscribed convex volume of all enabled light probes shouldn't be too thin, narrow or flat to avoid tetrahedral mesh degradation.

Basic Properties

Property Description
Zone Mask Controls whether the Zone affects this group.
Light Mask Controls whether the light source lit this group

Auto Placement Properties

Property Description
Auto Placement Whether to enabled automatic placement. If enabled, erases all existing light probes.
Auto Placement Step Desired distance between probes.
Local Bounding Box Bounding box of placed probes.