Rebel Fork Framework
Drawable Geometry Components

"Geometries" is a general term for all components inherited from Drawable with DRAWABLE_GEOMETRY flag. "Geometries" also include components that don't inherit Drawable directly and instead use temporary Drawable-s internally (like Terrain that internally spawns TerrainPatch-es)

These components define actual geometry to be rendered.

Common Properties

For Light Mask, Shadow Mask, and Zone Mask descriptions, see Zone Component.

Property Description
Is Enabled If false, is not rendered in any way.
Is Occluder Whether to render this geometry on CPU for additional culling.
Can Be Occluded Whether this geometry can be occluded by occluders. Disable this flag for geometries with unusual depth test function (always, greater or greaterequal).
Cast Shadows Whether this geometry should casts shadows.
Draw Distance Geometry is rendered if distance to it is smaller than Draw Distance. If 0, geometry is always rendered.
Shadow Distance Geometry casts shadows if the distance to it is smaller than Shadow Distance. If 0, geometry always casts shadows.
LOD Bias Multiplier that affects level of detail used to render geometry. Increase bias to reduce quality.
View Mask Geometry is ignored if its View Mask doesn't match View Mask of the Camera.
Global Illumination Method used to apply global illumination to the geometry. Note that ambient and background lighting from zones is applied regardless of this setting.
> None No additional lighting is applied.
> Use LightMap Geometry receives lighting from baked light maps.
> Blend Light Probes Geometry receives lighting from light probes cached in GlobalIllumination.
Reflection Mode Method used to apply cubemap reflection to the geometry. See Reflection Probe Component for more details.
> Zone Geometry receives reflection from best suited Zone. ReflectionProbes are ignored.
> Nearest Probe Geometry receives reflection from best suited ReflectionProbe, or Zone if there is no probes.
> Blend Probes Geometry receives reflection from two best suited ReflectionProbes, or Zone if there is no probes.
> Blend Probes and Zone Geometry receives reflection from two best suited ReflectionProbes or Zone, whichever is more relevant.
Occlusion LOD Level LOD used for rendering occluder on CPU.
Bake Lightmap Whether to consider this geometry during light baking.
Scale in Lightmap Factor used to adjust texel density of lightmaps. If 0, geometry will not be present in lightmaps and will not contribute to indirect lighting. However, it will contribute to direct lighting (i.e. will cast shadows during baking)

Drawable Interface

All geometries are expected to fill the array of SourceBatch-es in Drawable with batches to be rendered.

All geometries are also expected to implement specific virtual interface.

Function Expected behavior
Update Update everything that may affect world-space bounding box of geometry. E.g. apply skeletal animations.
UpdateBatches Evaluate geometry batches that will be rendered and determine distances to these batches.
UpdateGeometry All other updates here, e.g. anything related to updating GPU buffers.
GetUpdateGeometryType Whether the UpdateGeometry should be called and how.
> None Don't call.
> Main Thread Call in main thread. GPU buffers should be updated from main thread only.
> Worker Thread Call in any thread.
GetNumOccluderTriangles Return number of triangles that will be rasterized on DrawOcclusion. Ignore if not supported.
DrawOcclusion Rasterize geometry to occlusion buffer on CPU. Ignore if not supported.
OnWorldBoundingBoxUpdate Recalculate world-space bounding box.

Standard Drawables

Static Model

StaticModel renders single Model with applied Material(s) "as is". May be baked into lightmap.

Static Model Group

StaticModelGroup renders multiple identical StaticModel-s processed and culled together as single entity. Limited in functionality comparing to an array of StaticModel-s, use with caution.


Skybox is a special type of StaticModel used to render skybox.

Animated Model

AnimatedModel renders single Model with optionally applied skeletal and morph animations. Avoid using multiple AnimatedModel-s on the same node.

Billboard Set

BillboardSet renders arbitrary amount of quads covered with single Material. Quads may be automatically aligned to the screen.


ParticleEmitter is a special type of BillboardSet which manages quads automatically according to particle emitter configuration.

Custom Geometry

CustomGeometry is used to easily render geometry generated from code. Suboptimal and limited in functionality comparing to StaticModel.

Decal Set

DecalSet renders decals attaches to StaticModel or AnimatedModel.


Terrain renders geometry based on height map texture. May be seamlessly stitched with nearby Terrain-s. May be baked into lightmap.

Ribbon Trail

RibbonTrail renders geometry in the shape of tail following owner Node.

Text 3D

Text3D renders text in 3D space. Consider using SDF fonts.

Renderer 2D

Renderer2D combines all visible Drawables with type DRAWABLE_GEOMETRY2D and renders them together in 3D space.