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Urho3D::ScriptRuntimeApi Class Referenceabstract

Script API implemented in target scripting language. More...

#include <Urho3D/Script/Script.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ScriptRuntimeApi ()
virtual bool VerifyAssembly (const ea::string &path)=0
 Returns true if path contains a valid managed assembly with a class that inherits from PluginApplication.
virtual bool SetAssemblyVersion (const ea::string &path, unsigned version)=0
 Modifies specified assembly by setting it's version to specified one.
virtual void * LoadAssembly (const ea::string &path)=0
 Loads specified managed assembly and returns it's gc handle.
virtual PluginApplicationCreatePluginApplication (void *assembly)=0
 Looks for class inheriting from PluginApplication and creates an instance of it.
virtual void Dispose (RefCounted *instance)=0
 Invokes managed instance.Dispose() method.
virtual void FreeGCHandle (void *handle)=0
 Release specified gc handle. It becomes invalid.
virtual void * CloneGCHandle (void *handle)=0
 Allocates a new gc handle which points to same object as provided handle.
virtual void * RecreateGCHandle (void *handle, bool strong)=0
 Creates a new gc handle pointing to same object as specified gc handle. Specified gc handle will be freed.
virtual void FullGC ()=0
 Warning! This is slow! Perform a full garbage collection.
virtual PluginApplicationCompileResourceScriptPlugin ()=0
 Implement any logic that is required before Application::Start() runs.
void DereferenceAndDispose (RefCounted *instance)

Detailed Description

Script API implemented in target scripting language.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DereferenceAndDispose()

void Urho3D::ScriptRuntimeApi::DereferenceAndDispose ( RefCounted instance)

Invokes managed instance.Dispose() if passed instance has one native reference and has managed object attached to it. This method should be used with instances detached from SharedPtr<>.

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