Rebel Fork Framework
Urho3D::ArchiveBlock Class Reference

Archive block scope guard. More...

#include <Urho3D/IO/Archive.h>

Inheritance diagram for Urho3D::ArchiveBlock:

Public Member Functions

 ArchiveBlock ()=default
 Construct invalid.
 ArchiveBlock (Archive &archive, unsigned sizeHint=0)
 Construct valid.
 ~ArchiveBlock ()
 ArchiveBlock (ArchiveBlock &&other)
ArchiveBlockoperator= (ArchiveBlock &&other)
void Swap (ArchiveBlock &other)
 Swap with another.
 operator bool () const
 Convert to bool.
unsigned GetSizeHint () const
 Get size hint.

Private Attributes

Archivearchive_ {}
unsigned sizeHint_ {}
 Block size.

Additional Inherited Members

- Private Member Functions inherited from Urho3D::MovableNonCopyable
 MovableNonCopyable (MovableNonCopyable &&other)=default
MovableNonCopyableoperator= (MovableNonCopyable &&other)=default
 MovableNonCopyable (const MovableNonCopyable &other)=delete
MovableNonCopyableoperator= (const MovableNonCopyable &other)=delete

Detailed Description

Archive block scope guard.

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