Rebel Fork Framework
Rendering Subsystems

Scene subsystems are root level Scene components, i.e. assigned to the Scene itself. Subsystems should have at most one instance per Scene.

Scene subsystems are used to enable some of global features affecting scene as whole.

Render Pipeline

RenderPipeline manages scene rendering and keeps current rendering settings.

RenderPipeline is required if Scene is rendered with new renderer. For compatibility reasons it is created automatically unless legacy renderer is used.

Any class derived from RenderPipeline can be used instead of RenderPipeline itself.

See \rendering-pipeline for details.


Octree allows accelerated lookup through enabled Drawable components in the scene. Octree also manages updates of object transformations.

Octree is required for each rendered Scene and it cannot be added afterwards.

Property Description
Bounding Box Bounding box of the area of optimized lookups. Lookups outside of this area are performed via linear search.
Number of Levels Number of Octree levels defines size of the smallest possible cube chunk used for grouping.

Debug Renderer

DebugRenderer enables rendering of simple debug primitives. It's used by the Editor and debug in-game HUD.

Property Description
Line Antialias Whether to enable line antialiasing even if global antialiasing is disabled.

Global Illumination

GlobalIllumination manages baked data used for Global Illumination:

  • Substantial parameters of light baking.
  • Cached lookup structure for all enabled LightProbeGroup-s.

GlobalIllumination is required if light probes are used.

CompileLightProbes() shall be executed whenever light probes are added, removed or moved. It's also shall be called whenever light probe data is changed. TODO: Try to elevate this requirement?

Property Description
Emission Brightness Emission brightness multiplied for GI baking.

Light Baker

LightBaker provides light baking functionality and controls light baking quality.

LightBaker is required if the light baking itself is used. This component is usually unneeded in runtime.

Bake()/BakeAsync() can be used to re-bake all the lighting in the Scene.

Basic settings

Property Description
Output Directory Output directory to store baking results. If empty, results are stored nearby Scene file in separate directory.
Lightmap Size Size of lightmap texture.
Texel Density Number of lightmap texels allocated per scene unit.

Quality settings

Property Description
Quality Quality presets.
> Custom Custom settings.
> Low Fast baking, low quality.
> Medium Slower baking, medium quality.
> High Slow baking, high quality.
Direct Samples (Lightmap) Number of rays traced per lightmap texels per light source.
Direct Samples (Light Probes) Number of rays traced per light probe per light source.
Indirect Bounces Number of indirect light bounces.
Indirect Samples (Texture) Number of rays traced per lightmap texels for indirect light baking.
Indirect Samples (Light Probes) Number of rays traced per light probe for indirect light baking.
Filter Radius (Direct) Gauss blur radius for direct light in lightmap.
Filter Radius (Indirect) Gauss blur radius for indirect light in lightmap.

Chunk settings

Scene is split into multiple chunks baked separately to limit complexity and hardware requirements for large scenes.

Property Description
Chunk Size Size of chunk in units.
Chunk Indirect Padding Size of extra space with nearby geometry used for indirect light baking.
Chunk Shadow Distance Max distance of cast shadows from light sources.

Miscellaneous settings

Property Description
Stitch Iterations Number of iterations in lightmap seam stitching. Higher is slower, but lightmap seams are less visible.